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Designs by Winther Design

Here you can find various designs made by Tania Winther at Winther Design. My work is in the intersection between art, design and architecture. My designs are made with the focus of combinding science and art. Traditionally, art and science have been treated as two separate disciplines, but when they are studied together it's clear to see the impact one has on the other. I am inspired by nature and the process of the metamorphosis phase. Butterflies represent all things new in the world and my designs reflect upon this. I work sculpurally and playfully, using various materials and ideas. The designs are eye-catching with use of exiting tactile materials at hand. My love for wood is most central in my designs, but I love to play around with all materials and find myself experimenting with everything from stone to textures and textiles. I have been honored to be apart of many exiting collaborations with other designers in various fields which helps immensely drive me towards new ways of thinking. 

Design IS an art form, a method of human expression that follows a system of highly developed procedures in order to imbue objects, performances, and experiences with significance. Like all art forms, design has the potential to solve problems, but there is no guarantee that it will.

"As a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of art and design, I investigate the transformative power of objects in everyday life. Through my practice, I challenge the traditional boundaries of functionality and aesthetics. By employing experimental materials, unconventional processes, and collaborative approaches, I create pieces that bridge the gap between art and design. Whether it's through furniture, lighting, or spatial installations, my work encourages viewers to reconsider the objects and spaces they encounter daily, inviting them to engage with their surroundings in new and unexpected ways. By blurring the lines between art and design, I aim to provoke dialogue and inspire a reevaluation of our relationship with the designed world."    Read more about Tania here:


The cocoon lamp

The cocoon lamp is designed with the idea that simplicity rules. An easy eye-catching design that allows us to use this design in any setting or home. 

The lamp design unifies this in the design. It is a floor standing lamp design with a cup, angulation and a minimal foot design in concrete. The contrast with the horizontal bar handle is very much intended to give it an edge of geometry. The lamp can be made in various materials, from brass, wood to metal. It can be adjusted in various heights as the legg is movable


The papillion table

In its metamorphosis from the common, colorless catepillar to the exquisite winged creature of delicate beauty, the butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope. Across cultures, it has become a symbol for rebirth and resurrection. This is the papillion table with the majestic butterfly as the symbolism behind. Inspired by the beautiful Bartolidesign. 

The papillion lamp II.

The papillion lamp was created after producing my table. The beautiful wings were so majestical, and I found use of it to be made into other shapes and usages. The way this lamp plays with light is intruiging and gives a beautiful, scupltural and playful element to any room. 

BUTTERFLY PENDANT LAMP III (Ash Wood & Black Steel) SCENE 01.png


Inspired by the beautiful transformation of when a catepillar goes into the cocoon phase, and is re-born a majestic butterfly. This metal design is a sculpturous design for any table of shelf and brings light into darkness with candleholders. For Scandinavians it has long been a tradition to light 4 candles every sunday in advent up until Christmas. This is a new approach to the advent candle holder.

The Butterfly proton lamp

This lamp is designed with the wonderful butterfly in mind. Again. Made of metal, but created to be used and shaped with various materials, you can buy this lamp both in ash wood, metal and or in brass. It is a playful lamp  that just as easily can be used standing as hanging from the ceiling.

4216-FURNITURE CAT SCENE 07 (2).png

The Bibliocat sideboard

This is a multipurpose and multifunctional furniture piece, designed for tiny house living. In the world we live in today, more and more people are living in tiny housing facilities. With pets the challenge is always to find spaces for them. We designed this cat litter furniture box for a project in a NYC apartment.

The Bibliocat sideboard is a cupboard or sideboard, that can be placed in a livingroom, to be used for storing books or other items, but also to be used as a TV-stand, if one desires.. It also contains spaces for cats to jump around inside in it, with circulation and breathing holes. You can place a litter box inside it, and still have room for other items on the opposite side. This design is made in collaboration with Andres Femayor and Tania Winther. For further details, please contact us. 



Tania Winther er en interiørdesigner, kursholder, produktdesigner og kunstner. Les mer:

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