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Our array of services, including design consultations, craftsmanship excellence, and precise technical drawings, aims to elevate your quality of life. With our expertise and dedication to design excellence, we're committed to helping you create spaces that enrich your everyday experiences. Explore our services below and embark on a journey towards a better life.

* This service is offered in Norway.

The advanced course from DOGA - Design and Architecture Norway is designed to help businesses develop new ideas or services and solve complex problems. Do you need assistance in rethinking a design process? Contact our qualified instructors today!

Advanced Course in Design-Driven Innovation - DOGA

We can assist you with event styling for courses, conferences, private gatherings, and large social events. Together, we'll agree on the style, target audience, and materials to create a memorable atmosphere.

Event Styling

Winther Design can assist you in finding skilled and experienced plasterers, painters, wallpaper hangers, and flooring installers. We collaborate with multiple suppliers and can help you find the right professionals for your specific project!

Craftsman Services

Do you need assistance with visualizations for a project? We often find that clients make better decisions with well-crafted floor plans and 3D visualizations. Whether you require detailed floor plans or lifelike renderings, Winther Design can provide the visualizations you need to bring your project to life. Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us help you make informed decisions.

Technical Drawings in 2D and 3D

If distance is a concern, we can begin with an online consultation and continue our collaboration here. Over the years, we've successfully assisted many clients without the need for in-person meetings. Whether you're nearby or miles away, our team is equipped to provide the support and guidance you need to bring your project to fruition. Let's start the conversation and work together to achieve your goals.

Online Consultations

For a more personalized touch, feel free to give us a call to arrange a home consultation for a couple of hours. Perhaps all you need this time is a sounding board or some expert advice? We're here to provide the support and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your project. Let's schedule a visit and discuss how we can assist you best.

Home Consultations, 2 hrs

Are you looking for assistance with styling or thoughtful design solutions for your business? Whether you need a new layout or simply help with selecting new colors and furniture arrangements, we are here to assist you.

Interior and Design Services for Businesses

If you're planning a new construction, it's beneficial to contact us for assistance before starting. We may be able to help you identify alternative solutions that are both time-saving and more feasible. Reach out to us, and we'll be happy to assist you.

New Construction Projects

* This service is offered in Norway.


In this course, we train your team in practical tasks to ensure each member feels confident in the role of facilitator. The two-day workshop provides a thorough introduction to the methodology, with the goal of equipping your team with the tools to achieve results together in a very short time.

The course covers four key areas: Problem, Idea Development, Prototyping and Collaboration.

Design Sprint Workshops for Teams

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